Virtual Financial Counseling​
2201 S WS Young Dr
Suite 106-C
Killeen, TX  76543
Phone: 254.245.6248
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Now is the time to  take control
of your Finances!  Are you ready?

We are providing free counseling sessions to transitioning Servicemembers and Veterans*!!!

Our Services

Budget Counseling

Provide comprehensive review of spending habits and identify behaviors that influence those habits.  Provide client with a detailed budget of income and expenses.  Provide recommendations to maximize income and eliminate expenses. Calculate and discuss debt to income ratio.

Security Clearance Counseling

Provide assistance with developing a response for security clearance review.  The response will be specific to financial matters only.  Assistance consists of working with creditors to negotiate a payment arrangement or settlement for debt.

Credit Report Review Counseling

Provide review of credit report trade lines.  Provide client assistance with dispute process for negative trade lines.  Calculate and discuss indebtedness ratio.
All Services

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* Free counseling sessions consist of money management and budgeting sessions only and clients are required to utilize the Association of Financial Counseling Planning Education Achieve software.  Veterans should provide a DD214 or Veterans Administration Card as proof of Service.  Transitioning Servicemembers are required to show Military ID.  Sessions are unlimited and are by appointment only.